Your Health Care Consulting Firm

Assists Attorneys and law firms  in navigating through the medical record and the health care maze, to provide  successful case resolution. K Martin Consulting has personal experience  of  over 30 years of health care experience in a variety of areas including acute care hospitals, nursing homes, sub-acute rehabilitation,and assisted living, and is able to  advise you on the merits of your case for Plaintiff or Defense clients. USE E-MAIL FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. kathleenmartin1@me.com

Your Legal Nurse Consultant

K Martin Consulting provides  Nursing and healthcare operational solutions that can  free you to focus on legal issues by:

* Screening medical malpractice cases for merit

* Defining applicable standards of care

* Summarizing and interpreting medical records

* Developing chronological timelines with reports

* Conducting literature searches


* Efforts in locating and interfacing with expert witnesses as indicated