K Martin Consulting, a personal, practical, to the point, healthcare consulting firm, can provide management and clinical care, consultation & education for the Skilled Nursing/Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Hospital professions.

Survey Compliance for CMS, State, Joint Commission standards,
 Mock Surveys,
 Clinical Care Standards,
 Policy and Procedures, Quality Management, Educational endeavors and much more, is available and tailored to your specific needs.

Best Practices:

Performance Improvement-QAPI; RCA

Set up Wound Rounds; data collection for risk management

Falls Prevention and post-fall reporting for risk management

Pain, Medication management

Risk Reduction

Systems Development


1. Survey corrective action assistanceEvaluation of current Federal and/or State citations, or Joint Commission prep can be completed resulting in recommendations for timely corrective action using a ‘systems’ approach to enable sustained compliance.  Further assistance, as needed, may include but not be limited to the following:

2.  Pre-SurveyPrep for survey is done in an interdisciplinary manner involving all departments and staff. Potential  deficiencies will be reported and recommendations for corrective action supplied.  On-site survey support, if desired.

3.  Comprehensive orientation / training  and support for special positions which include those newly appointed as:

Director of Nursing


Interim Administrator/Director of Nursing Support

Staff Development Coordinator

4.  Plans of Care TrainingIn-services and 1:1 training, as needed for all disciplines involved will be provided to assist in assuring quality care and regulatory compliance.  Follow through from the Care Area Assessments (CAAs) as well as the resident’s current physical and mental status will be emphasized to help ensure “working / user-friendly plans of care.”

5.  Restorative NursingAssistance provided in developing a comprehensive nursing program that will improve residents’ quality of life and assist the facility to maximize reimbursement and demonstrate cost-effective, positive resident outcomes.

6.  Educational Offerings / In-service Presentations for ALL levels of staff:  Presented, with most utilizing a Power Point format  and, if requested, taped for the facility to utilize for additional presentations.  The subject list is  available on, but not limited to, the following:

Abuse Prevention, Recognition, Reporting, Investigating, and Interventions

Accident Prevention; investigation protocols

Depression in the Elderly

Documentation – Licensed Staff and Certified Nursing Assistants

Fall Prevention & Resident Safety

Infection Control

Interdisciplinary “Working” Plans of Care

Leadership and Management Skills

Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Treatment Quality Initiative

Resident Rights

Restorative Nursing